Smartphone Capital, Make Money Easily and Quickly. How to?

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Indonesia is one of the countries with a high smartphone usage rate. The majority of smartphone users are very existent and active on social media. However, did you know that the use of smartphones in addition to being on social media can also be used to make money easily and quickly. For those of you who want to use a smartphone to make money easily and quickly, here are the things you can do.


Selling Online

money Online

The most standard thing that people usually do to make money easily and quickly using social media on smartphones is to sell online. With the development of the internet, there are many business opportunities that can be worked on. Products sold are also diverse, ranging from food, clothing, to used goods or commonly called preloved or second hand . For preloved or second hand products , it is usually divided into 2 types, namely, people who sell their used goods or intentionally buy used goods for later resale. For those of you who choose to sell preloved or second hand , try to sell branded products because they are easier to sell and the price is relatively expensive.


Open Service Request

financial loan

This method is most effective for making money easily and quickly, especially for those of you who like to take a walk. You can open just or deposit services on vacation to a place. Jastip is considered to be a profitable business opportunity, even in some cases, the benefits obtained from Jastip can cover the cost of your ticket. If you plan to open just, try to open just to Korea or Thailand because of the many enthusiasts of beauty and fashion products sold in these two countries. Guaranteed you can make money quickly, even if you are lucky, the money earned can only pay for the costs you spend on sightseeing. Easy, right?


Applications that make money

Applications that make money

Today there are many applications that can make money and are quite easy. This application is also diverse, ranging from filling out surveys, watching video games, to winning games competitions. Some applications include Cash Gift, Google Opinion Rewards, and Showbox.

Cash Gift: this application uses a point system, where you will get points by watching advertisements, installing applications, and working on the tasks provided by the application. 1000 points if redeemed is equivalent to 1 dollar.

Google Opinion Reward: this application asks you to fill out a survey according to your opinion. The questions given are also very simple, for example there are 2 or more logos and you are asked to answer the question “Which do you think is the best logo?”. It’s easy, right?


Borrow money online

Borrow money online

In addition to the three methods mentioned above, another way you can get money easily and quickly is by submitting PP Lending online. At this time, you can do PP Lending via a smartphone and the whole process is online (you don’t need to come to a place like when you file PP Lending at the bank).

One of the online PP Lending that can be your reference is CL Credit. CL Credit is an innovative technology financial company that aims to provide PP Lending’s unsecured solution (KTA) to the public with low interest (only 0.1% per day, compared to other online PP Lending who applies 1% interest per day) and relatively long tenor of 6 month. You are also possible to choose products that suit your needs, namely CL Credit Mini or CL Credit Installments. CL Credit Mini is PP Lending, Rp. 1 million, whose duration PP Lending is 30 days, while CL Credit Cicil is PP Lending, up to 8 million, whose duration is PP Lending from 3-6 months.

That’s the way you can make money easily and quickly via a smartphone. Very easy and worth trying, right? Have you ever tried one of the methods above?

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