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When applying for a company loan, you may need to submit documents from the Tax Office and from the Social Insurance Institution. However, it is not always required to provide them. Where can we count on loans for companies without US and ZUS?

To obtain a company loan, it is necessary to present the appropriate documents or to issue a statement. In most cases, banks have more stringent requirements, while in non-bank companies we can get money on more convenient terms.

Loans are granted primarily to those companies that have a positive credit rating. It is calculated on the basis of income and expenses. When income significantly exceeds expenses, then it means that the company will also be able to cope with the additional burden in the form of loan installments. Otherwise, we may have difficulty obtaining financing in most institutions. However, banking or accounting documents confirming the financial situation of the company are not everything – the loan institution may also request documents from ZUS and the Tax Office.


Why do institutions also ask for documents from ZUS and the US?

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The required documents from the Social Insurance Institution and the Tax Office are primarily used to check if the company has any arrears in relation to these institutions. Institutions require documents certifying non-compliance with obligations – otherwise we will not receive such a document.

Arrears in ZUS and US directly prove that the company is not a timely payer of contributions and taxes, which also indirectly testifies to its financial situation. Most often arrears arise when the company is in a worse situation, and thus we will not be able to use the loan.


Where to get a loan without US and ZUS?

Where to get a loan without US and ZUS?

However, we can use a loan for companies without US and ZUS – these are loans that are granted on conditions favorable to borrowers, even if they are in a worse financial situation. They are offered mainly by loan companies, but not only because they are also offered by banks. Usually, however, they are intended for regular customers or the bank simply scans customers in the debtors’ databases, for example BIK, BIG, so that additional documentation is no longer needed. Therefore, the majority of entrepreneurs in order to obtain a loan for companies without US and ZUS go to non-banking companies.

At DDS Bank, we have prepared an attractive installment loan for our clients on very attractive terms – it can be obtained up to PLN 10,000 with a repayment period of up to 24 months. Our installment loan is available without providing a number of documents, including registration, accounting, banking, as well as documents from the US and ZUS. We do not require sureties or other securities.

You can submit an application for the DDS Bank loan even at this moment on our website. We cordially invite you!

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