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Users of financial services such as loans or credit cards have a serious problem, debts incurred and not paid . This unpaid problem is a headache for those who want to continue to hire financing products, because they must begin to clean up their credit history , if they want to ask for money again.

One of the most recommended alternatives is to contact a credit repair as Anita Debt that allows you to save 70% of your current debt .

How do I sign up for the Debt Healing program to settle debts, saving 70% of my debts? It’s simple, click on the button to contact Anita Debt and start to relax. But if you prefer, read our user guide to be informed of the process.


What are the steps to contact Anita Debt and clean up my credit history?

What are the steps to contact Pura Debt and clean up my credit history?

It is simple and in 4 steps you can save 70% of your debt by contacting Anita Debt :

  1. Discuss your current situation to know and help you. For this, leave your data and a Anita Debt adviser will dial you in less than 30 minutes. In this way, analyze your situation or you can dial your for immediate attention.
  2. A customized plan is designed for the client with a work team that develops a customized plan that adapts to the financial situation with free advice.
  3. The program is launched. The expert negotiators of Anita Debt seek the best discount for your debts and at the same time you forget the collection offices since you channel any type of management of your defaults to the offices of Anita Debt so that they are in charge of representing you before your creditors.
  4. You settle your debts with the assigned negotiator in order to save as much money as possible. You get your proof of no debit issued by the creditor.
  5. Client free of debts and you can start being a credit subject again.


How much does the Anita Debt program cost me and how do I pay it?

To clean up your credit history , Anita Debt offers you two alternatives to access the program. Let’s see the two fees:

  • Monthly fee that is $ 50 pesos for every $ 10,000 pesos of debt entered.
  • Fee for liquidation that is 10% of what we can save when we settle your debts.

The two fees are included in your monthly savings. In such a way that you pay the fees while you advance in the program of Anita Debt.

At the same time, you liquidate the banks and pay for the Anita Debt service. Thus, you can save over 70% of your debt.


Where do I make my payments to Anita Debt?

Where do I make my payments to Pura Debt?

It is simple and you do it through a bank account in the Active Group where an account is opened in your name and the only person who can touch the account is the owner of the program.


Does Debt Cure erase my record in the credit bureau?


Unfortunately, you can not delete the credit history. However, if you liquidate all your debts you can rehire a new credit.

The Law is very clear and there is a lot of fraud and companies that promote to leave the Bureau . Article 23 says that:

The Companies are obliged to keep the credit histories that are provided by the users, corresponding to any natural or legal person, at least for a period of seventy-two months. The Companies may delete from the Client’s credit history that information that reflects the fulfillment of any obligation, after seventy-two months of the breach has been incorporated for the first time in said history.

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